More than 200 co-creation projects, that builds a solid experience…
Discover our clients’ communities and their different innovation projects.

EDF Pulse & You: a 6000 customers community dedicated to co-creation

Customers and employees, all involved
around the same platform

START BOX by Eiffage: 50 000 employees, 6 areas, 1 platform to innovate

39 regional banks co-create
with their customers and members

Invent products of tomorrow
through the “design thinking” approach

A campers community
to design new products

Test new projects
with customers and employees

Co-innovate with an intern
and international community

The first participative lab
in the furniture retail’s sector

A giant brainstorming to
invent new products

Improving customer relations
with collective intelligence

Already 3 co-creation projects

Innove and imagine what
the cooperative bank will be tomorrow

Incubator of ideas to improve
our trips on the highways

Ideas, expectations and needs
to improve their relationship

Imagine the best health for
ourself and our family

Imagine tomorrow’s products and services
with customers and collaborators

Imagine the supply chain
of tomorrow

A community of innovation at the service
of tomorrow’s products

A participative platform
for tomorrow’s mobility

A space to draw together the
Crédit Mutuel of tomorrow

Building tomorrow’s services together

To respond better to the expectations
and improve services

Customers, collaborators and partners working
together to build the future